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Lawn Strip

Lawn Mowing

Regular mowing helps your grass grow thicker, combats pests, and keeps weeds at bay. Frequent mowing stimulates your grass to grow lush and green; in the same way that you would prune a plant for better productivity, your grass follows the same basic principle.


Weed Control

Weeds, if left untreated, may compete with other plants for nutrients, space, water, and soil; thereby suffocating them and ultimately restricting their growth.



Botanical Garden

+ Edging

Weed-trimming cleans up any areas the mower can not reach while edging provides a root barrier preventing invasive lawn growth. This will give your lawn a clean and manicured appearance.



Keeping hedges and trees trimmed back prevents overgrowth, increases home value, and stimulates new growth promoting a healthy plant.

About Us

Surf & Turf is a complete lawn care service specializing in residential and small commercial landscapes. We have established a reputation for our communication, reliability, and pristine results; which is why the majority of our business comes from client referrals. Our service area includes Englewood, Placida, Cape Haze, and Rotonda West. We proudly use top-of-the-line equipment and carry a $1 million liability policy to ensure you and your property are protected. Our intention is to provide the highest quality service and workmanship in a timely manner while enhancing the beauty of every client’s property.


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